Traditional Maori Legends


Traditional Maori Legends

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Title: Traditional Maori Legends

Tai Korero means 'the currents of speech', a reference to the Maori tradition of oral storytelling. This colourful book retells in simple form Maori stories and myths that have been passed down over centuries. Among the fourteen stories from around New Zealand are old favourites like 'Maui and the Fish', 'Paikea and the Whale', 'Tutanekai and Hinemoa', 'Ngatoroirangi', 'Rona and the Moon', and 'Maui and the Sun'. Each story is told across two pages, with text of about 250 words accompanied by a large, colourful illustration by Warren Pohatu. Both in his ebullient artwork and his energetic retelling of the tales, Pohatu succeeds in bringing tradition stories of the Maori to life for a young audience.

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