HELP100: Unity Books Wellington is one of the local businesses helping local children get the support they need.

Unity Books Wellington is a Pride Lands Help100 sponsorship partner. Our sponsorship allows one child in need to access Prideland’s mentoring and social development programme.

You can help too!  Your sponsorship can make a big difference in the life of a child from the Hutt Valley. Visit their website here.

The child you help

As a sponsor you have a few options around the child or children that you support. You can choose one of the following:

  • You can nominate a child to get support. This could be the child of a friend or family member, or of one of your employees.
  • You can partner with a school, or other organisation who allocate your support to a child that they know who needs it.
  • Pridelands can use your sponsorship to provide help to a family and child in need that come directly to us here at Pride Lands.

If you have any questions about nominating a child to be supported, or how Pridelands choose who to provide help to, please give them a call, they’re happy to talk more about this.