Dead Are Always Laughing At Us


Dead Are Always Laughing At Us

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ISBN: 9781738618217
Title: Dead Are Always Laughing At Us

The Dead Are Always Laughing At Us is a collaboration between Dominic Hoey and designer Trudi Hewitt. The poems were mostly written during lock-down as a way to try and stay sane while the world lost its collective mind.

“Accessibility has shaped the way I write and perform. I’ve always resisted the idea that poetry should be a puzzle you need a 50k education to unlock. Early on I knew I wanted this to be the kind of poetry collection anyone could pick up and be drawn into immediately. With that in mind it was really important to add a visual element to the text.” — Dominic
“I saw this project as an opportunity to experiment. To rethink the rules we set for consistency and to challenge typesetting conventions of literature and poetry. Ultimately I wanted to give each of Dominic’s poems their own sense of identity by playing with pace, space, size and tension. An awesome collaboration with a very talented friend.” — Trudi

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