Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys


Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys

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Title: Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys

This book is for:
Maori practitioners and other practitioners supporting whanau

This book is about:
Employing whakaaro Maori (Maori knowledge) in counselling practice with whanau
Learning and teaching mana-enhancing counselling practice.

There are no competing books on the market today, and this is a practical and accessible resource for all those engaged in counsellor education, practising counsellors, as well as pastoral caregivers and clergy, social and community workers, mental health workers, teachers in guidance-related roles in school, and counsellors within voluntary organisations.
Maori perspectives are incorporated into the counselling process and these give shape to the therapeutic encounter – as an aid to promote understanding. The shift away from a “deficit approach” is important in this book – its orientation is strengths-based and the approach in the model is a team approach. The broad goal is to foster Maori-centred practice as a distinctive approach to assist whanau realise their potential.
The editorial group have drawn the material from Master’s level teaching and research at Waikato University, NZ.

Kathie Crocket is the lead author/editor of “Ethics in Practice”

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