Fear: NZ’s Hostile Underworld Of Extremists


Fear: NZ’s Hostile Underworld Of Extremists

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Title: Fear: NZ's Hostile Underworld Of Extremists

How conspiracy theorists, far-right activists, anti-vaxers, fundamentalist Christian leaders, and the radical right in gumboots are gaining unprecedented power in Aotearoa. Byron Clark has been researching disinformation and infiltrating fringe groups online, documenting the rise of extremist views - from the Christchurch mosque attacks to the 2022 parliament protest. The independent researcher, computer geek by day, has become one of New Zealand's best-informed experts on our society's dangerous outliers. We ignore them at our peril. In FEAR, Byron Clark takes us on a journey into the darkest recesses of a New Zealand that is both weird and horrifying in equal measure. New Zealand has a proportionately high level of participation in conspiracy theories. What makes NZers so susceptible?

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