Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation


Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation

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Title: Zealandia: The Valley That Changed a Nation

It is 30 years since the publication of Natural Wellington- a plan, initiated by Jim Lynch to “Bring back the birds to Wellington city”. It is 28 years since Jim Lynch proposed the Karori Sanctuary- The world’s first predator fenced community eco-sanctuary.
It is almost 25 years since the formation of the Karori Sanctuary Trust. It is 20 years since the predator proof fence at karori was constructed.
Zealandia was the centrepiece of three big ideas in 1990/92: urban conservation, fenced eco-sanctuaries and community conservation. All three have proven to be highly successful.
Now known as Zealandia, the sanctuary is widely regarded as a success. It is achieving its restoration goals, is a centre of community engagement, a learning and research hub, a major visitor attraction, and is now an economic success story. It is now nearly self-funding and returning great economic benefits to the city.
Zealandia was an original vision which was far ahead of its time and has been widely copied. After 30years, the innovative business model and concept have been proven to work.
Zealandia has just been selected by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 greatest places in the world to visit, based on key factors, including quality, originality, sustainability, innovation and influence.
It has been the catalyst for the return of missing species to Wellington city and has inspired the city to pursue goals which have made Wellington a “Biophilic city” and one of the few places where biodiversity is increasing.
Zealandia launched a national community eco-sanctuary movement. Since 2000, 31 fenced sanctuary’s and 80 community sanctuaries with similar objectives emerged and are now protecting 44,000 ha of high biodiversity value land on the mainland. The community eco-sanctuaries have collectively brought many tens of thousands of people and hundreds of millions of dollars into conservation and protected many threatened species. It is the major development in conservation during this century. It also inspired the current “Predator Free NZ” movement.
The book traces the 30-year journey of Zealandia; starting with how the idea was conceived, and following an incredible story of overcoming the odds to get the support and funding needed to build the fence, eradicate the pests, restore species to the valley and develop the enterprise to meet a range of complex and ambitious goals.
The book is an example of how innovation occurs and can spread its influence widely for national benefit.

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