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Weird to Exist Simple Comics for Complex Feelings


Weird to Exist Simple Comics for Complex Feelings

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ISBN: 9781529148381
Title: Weird to Exist Simple Comics for Complex Feelings

A vibrantly coloured yet darkly humorous comic collection about the absurdity and beauty of being alive.

We've all felt the pain that comes from realising a beautiful moment will soon become a distant memory. We're all guilty of avoiding deadlines by researching obscure facts about dirt or bingeing scary conspiracy videos. Inspired by these universal experiences and existential musings, Alison Zai walks the line between laughing so hard that you burst into tears and crying so hard that you break into laughter.

Weird Exist is divided into three intrinsic human acts - to exist, to love, to create - and ultimately touches on how weird it is to do all of that. Also included is Zai's popular long-form comic, Bee Real, which follows one little irritable bee's enlightening mission to extinguish the sun. With sharp levity and emotional complexity, this colourful collection finds the fun in life's hard truths.

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