Wanderer: A Poetic Sequence, Book One


Wanderer: A Poetic Sequence, Book One

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ISBN: 5800137867997
Title: Wanderer: A Poetic Sequence, Book One

Ron Riddell is undertaking the poetic journey of his life. Along the way he meets fellow travellers; first and foremost the wanderer, who has also embarked on a similar mission of exploration, reflection and philosophic contemplation. This is a shared journey, which traverses many landscapes, seascapes, continents. The sojourners share many experiences, dialogues, ideas; helping one another on their life journeys, helping to realise each other, fulfill each other. The Wanderer is a journeying Everyman, asking searching questions of life and life’s journey. Thankfully he comes up with some answers and is keen to keep pointing us in the direction of the light at the end of the tunnel. This is Book One of his on-going odyssey.

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