Vintner’s Tale


Vintner’s Tale

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Title: Vintner's Tale

Of modest stature, from Central European stock and born in West Auckland, Peter Hubscher first trialled as a winemaker in Hawke’s Bay in the 1960s. His apprenticeship completed, he returned to the Waitakere Ranges to begin his career with Montana Wines and put into practice his vision for the undeveloped New Zealand wine industry. Driven by a desire to see local wines as a quality product on the world stage, Peter led Montana into a fruitful period — they established Sauvignon Blanc as the wine for which New Zealand became known, began using techniques influenced by European and American vintners, and overcame the Achilles’ heel for Kiwi winemakers: excellence in red wine. Montana widened its palate in the 1990s with sponsorship of the World of WearableArt Awards, Montana Sunday Theatre and the Montana Book Awards, and support for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. In retirement, Peter’s love of the arts culminated with the Tironui Music Trust, founded with his wife, Pam, to support disadvantaged youth to learn music. Provocative and irreverent, A Vintner’s Tale is the story of change and innovation in one of New Zealand’s notable industries and an important record of the people who made the world take notice.

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