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Tongariro National Park


Tongariro National Park

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ISBN: 9781988550510
Title: Tongariro National Park

When Desmond Bovey returned to his native New Zealand after thirty years in France, he felt a need to reconnect with the landscapes of his youth. He chose Tongariro National Park, inspired by a chance encounter with a karearea, the New Zealand falcon. He returned again and again, sketchbook in hand, applying his delicate brush as he reacquainted himself with the dramatic landforms and ecology of the volcanic plateau. This exquisite book is the result. With 400 illustrations and an informative but accessible text, Bovey deconstructs the park's amazing landscapes, giving us not only scenery but the bones beneath. His illustrations present Tongariro's stunning landscapes, as well as the plants and animals that live there, describing the ways they fit together and depend upon each other for survival in an often harsh and inhospitable environment. 'Tongariro National Park' is a field guide of rare quality, combining the highest quality of information with superb illustration, a treasure for anyone who loves these wonderful landscapes.

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