Three-Body Problem BOXED SET


Three-Body Problem BOXED SET

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ISBN: 9781035905874
Title: Three-Body Problem BOXED SET

SOON TO BE A MAJOR NETFLIX SERIES THE AWARD-WINNING, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, MILLION-COPY-SELLING SCI-FI PHENOMENON Imagine a universe patrolled by numberless and nameless predators. Imagine what might happen to any civilisation unwise enough to broadcast its location. This is Cixin Liu's THREE-BODY PROBLEM TRILOGY. Weaving a complex web of stratagem, subterfuge, philosophy and physics across light years of space and 18.9 million years of time, this tale of humanity's struggle to reach the stars is a visionary masterwork of unprecedented scale and momentum. Available now in one boxed set, including: 1 THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM 2 THE DARK FOREST 3 DEATH'S END'Extraordinary' NEW YORKER'SF in the grand style' GUARDIAN'Your next favourite sci-fi novel' WIRED'Wildly imaginative... immense' BARACK OBAMA'War of the Worlds for the 21st century' WALL STREET JOURNAL'A breakthrough book' GEORGE R.R. MARTIN'The best kind of science fiction' KIM STANLEY ROBINSON'Concludes with sweep and scope and majesty' DAVID BRIN'Even what doesn't happen is epic' LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS

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