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Tanya Ashken: Jeweller, Silversmith, Sculptor


Tanya Ashken: Jeweller, Silversmith, Sculptor

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ISBN: 9780473349646
Title: Tanya Ashken: Jeweller, Silversmith, Sculptor

This publication, the first major survey of Tanya Ashken’s
work, features ninety of her silversmithing and jewellery
pieces and 66 sculptures. 168 pages in total
Three writers have contributed essays, each focusing on a
different aspect of Tanya’s life. Lesleigh Salinger presents a
concise biography of her life and works, while Philip Clarke
looks at a life shared between Tanya and her husband, John
Drawbridge. Damian Skinner’s piece examines how Tanya’s
work fits into the New Zealand arts and crafts scene.
Born in London in 1939, Tanya was educated at Bedales, a
coeducational boarding school in Hampshire, where craft
and academic subjects were taught with equal emphasis.
There she spent a lot of time in the wood and metal workshop,
gaining her silversmithing hallmark at 13 years old.
In 1963 she moved with John, a New Zealander, to Wellington
where many silversmithing and jewellery commissions were
awarded, notably a silver and greenstone Bishop’s crosier
for Nelson Cathedral and a NZ Arts Council gift of
a silver and amethyst pendant, which was presented
to Princess Anne on her 1970 tour of New Zealand.
Sculptural works, constructed from steel and cement,
carved out of stone and wood or built from wire
and plaster of Paris, then cast in bronze and aluminium,
complete Tanya’s oeuvre. Her most recognizable work
being Albatross, the 3.5 meter high water sculpture,
on Wellington’s waterfront (which gave rise to the
establishment the Wellington Sculpture Trust in 1986).

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