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Right Story, Wrong Story Adventures in Indigenous Thinking


Right Story, Wrong Story Adventures in Indigenous Thinking

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ISBN: 9781922790439
Title: Right Story, Wrong Story Adventures in Indigenous Thinking

Sand Talk, Tyson Yunkaporta's bestselling debut, cast an Indigenous lens on contemporary society. It was, said Melissa Lucashenko, 'an extraordinary invitation into the world of the Dreaming'.

Right Story, Wrong Story extends Yunkaporta's explorations of how we can learn from Indigenous thinking. Along the way, he talks to a range of people including liberal economists, memorisation experts, Frisian ecologists, and Elders who are wood carvers, mathematicians and storytellers.

Right Story, Wrong Story describes how our relationship with land is inseparable from how we relate to each other. This book is a sequence of thought experiments, which are, as Yunkaporta writes, 'crowd-sourced narratives where everybody's contribution to the story, no matter how contradictory, is honoured and included...the closest thing I can find in the world to the Aboriginal collective process of what we call \"yarning\".'

And, as he argues, story is at the heart of everything. But what is right or wrong story? This exhilarating book is an attempt to answer that question. Right Story, Wrong Story is a formidably original essay about how we teach and learn, and how we can talk to each other to shape forms of collective thinking that are aligned with land and creation.

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