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Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees


Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees

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ISBN: 9780473443351
Title: Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees

Increasingly dissatisfied with the humdrum routine of corporate life, Jennifer Andrewes does what many of us can only dream about when in 2014 she and her family pack up and spend two seasons living in a village in the south-west region of France. But it’s not just any region as Jennifer discovers – the Aude region is on the 42nd parallel north. Wellington, her home city here in New Zealand, is on the 42nd parallel south, and is the nearest thing the Aude has to an antipodal sister city.

Parallel Lives tells the story of their time in a small town in the foothills of the Pyrenees: how they came to live there, the experiences gained and life lessons learned. In some ways, it’s a story that is still being written as they work out how to live a long-term life on two sides of the world.

About the Author
As a child, Dunedin-born Jennifer spent time living in France kicking off a life-long love affair with the country. A communications professional, she has worked in tourism and government roles both here and in the UK, as well as undergoing stints as a freelance travel writer. Her blog on the family’s French adventure was widely enjoyed and it was prompting from readers that led Jennifer to write a book about the family’s experiences.

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