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Orwell’s Roses


Orwell’s Roses

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ISBN: 9781783788620
Title: Orwell's Roses

Roses, pleasure, and politics: a fresh take on Orwell as an avid gardener, whose political writing was grounded in his passion for the natural world.
“His grimmest writings,” Solnit notes, “have moments of beauty; his most lyrical essays nonetheless grapple with substantive issues.” Not everything in the life of a leftwing intellectual must be joylessly utilitarian or ideologically committed. To picture Orwell digging in his vegetable beds is also perhaps to understand a certain kind of quiet rural Englishness, one that is not at all jingoistic. When she quotes him admitting, in 1940, that “outside my work the thing I care most about is gardening, especially vegetable gardening”, you are instantly reminded of Jeremy Corbyn pottering around his allotment.\" Gaby Hinsliff Guardian review 19 Oct 2021.

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