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NZ Birds in Pictures


NZ Birds in Pictures

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ISBN: 9781869664831
Title: NZ Birds in Pictures

From the barely visible wings of the flightless kiwi to the immense wingspan of the wandering albatross, New Zealand's fragile islandecosystem is home to a diverse array of spectacular birds.Delve into the fascinating world of our feathered friends with author and wildlife photographer Kimball Chen. From intimateportraits of endangered creatures and their glamorous breeding plumage, to dramatic wide angle birdscapes encompassing ruggedsub antarctic habitats, to magical fleeting encounters of birds courting and mating and hatching, Chen's passion for nature shineswith artistic and aesthetic photographs sure to pique a greater appreciation of New Zealand birds.Accompanying this illustrated photographic book is well researched and engaging text that enrich the images' depicted birdbehavior and biology. Discover which native bird's undersides have ultraviolet feathers. What underlies the musical prowess ofbirdsongs, and which New Zealand bird can mimic human speech Why do

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