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Nga Kaihanga Uku: Maori Clay Artists


Nga Kaihanga Uku: Maori Clay Artists

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ISBN: 9780995138452
Title: Nga Kaihanga Uku: Maori Clay Artists

The rise of an impressive ceramics movement is one of the more striking developments in contemporary Maori art. Clayworking and pottery firing was an ancient Pacific practice, but the knowledge had largely been lost by the ancestors of Maori before they arrived in Aotearoa. After the national clayworkers' collective, Nga Kaihanga Uku, was established in 1987, traditional ancestral knowledge and customs and connections with indigenous cultures with unbroken ceramic traditions helped shape a contemporary Maori expression in clay. This book is the first comprehensive overview of Maori claywork, its origins, loss and revival. Richly illustrated, it introduces readers to the practices of the five founders of Nga Kaihanga Uku and also surveys the work of the next generation.

Format: Hardback
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