Natural History Stories


Natural History Stories

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ISBN: 9781324066118
Title: Natural History Stories

A masterful collection of interconnected stories from the \"genius enchantress\" (Karen Russell) and author of Ship Fever, winner of the National Book Award. The stories of the family of scientists, teachers, and innovators that Andrea Barrett first brought to life in Ship Fever come full circle in her stunning Natural History. Spanning the decades between the Civil War to the present day, these \"confident, quiet, [and] richly imagined\" (Justin Taylor, New York Times Book Review) tales evoke the ways women's lives and expectations-in families, in work, and in love-have shifted across a century and more. Building upon one another, the stories gathered here brilliantly culminate to reveal how the smallest events of the past can have large reverberations across the generations, and how potent, wondrous, and strange the relationship between history and memory can be.

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