Medium Is the Message: An Inventory of Effects


Medium Is the Message: An Inventory of Effects

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ISBN: 9780141035826
Title: Medium Is the Message: An Inventory of Effects

Marshall McLuhan is the man who predicted the all-pervasive rise of the modern mass media.  Blending text, image and photography, his 1960s classic The Medium is the Massage illustrates how the growth of technology utterly reshapes society, personal lives and sensory perceptions, so that we are effectively shaped by the means we use to communicate.  This concept, and his ideas such as rolling, up-to-the-minute news broadcasts and the media 'global village' have proved decades ahead of their time.

Well known for coining the term 'Global Village', Marshall McLuhan's thinking was, and still is, revolutionary. His theories, many of which are illustrated in this astonishing 'inventory of effects', force us to question how modes of communication have shaped society. This is an astonishing work by a truly astonishing man. \"The Penguin on Design\" series includes the works of creative thinkers whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision forever. This is one of four books in that series.

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