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Matariki #6 Te Reo Singalong


Matariki #6 Te Reo Singalong

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ISBN: 9780995111677
Title: Matariki #6 Te Reo Singalong

At last, a new Matariki picture book for teachers, parents and children to enjoy during Maori New Year celebrations in May/June.
The newest book in the popular award winning Te Reo Singalong series follows a family through their Matariki celebrations over the course of a day.
The family wakes at dawn to see the Matariki star cluster and the book takes the family as visitors arrive for a traditional Matariki feast.
As the evening draws in, the children create their own stars using sparklers.
Each Te Reo Singalong book includes a song CD, English translation, guitar chords and extension ideas. This book also includes information about Matariki.
The song CD makes the book easy for everyone to enjoy and the simple, repetitive sentence structure in this book teaches the phrase \"I like the...\".
You will love the gorgeous illustrations and the beautiful song.

Format: Paperback
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