Little Tales of Hedgehog & Goat


Little Tales of Hedgehog & Goat

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Title: Little Tales of Hedgehog & Goat

A delightful illustrated novel for children about a goat and a hedgehog who meet in a farm field and become best friends.

Goat has a tiny pink shed in a rolling paddock. She likes to stand on top of the little shed and dream of meeting other goats in other paddocks. Sometimes she looks at the sky and imagines the clouds are her friends, especially when they look like goats bouncing and bounding in their sky paddocks. Most of the time Goat is lonely. She wishes the family in the pink house at the top of the hill would find another goat for the paddock. A best friend goat.

One day, while Goat is looking at the sky and dreaming of having a best friend, she hears a strange squeaky sound coming from a ball of prickles. Goat realises it's a hedgehog, and that the strange squeaky noise is crying. This is the beginning of a most unexpected friendship, which somehow works even though Goat is a creature of the day and Hedgehog prefers the night. Life in the paddock is never boring now they can watch the clouds together, and from time to time they are joined by visitors. Even though the two characters never leave their paddock, excitement always has a way of finding them.

Chock-full of philosophy and rural charm, Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat is made magical by Paula Green's prose and Kimberly Andrews' lively illustrations. It's a perfect bedtime chapter book to be enjoyed by child and adult, and all fans of Winnie the Pooh, the Wind in the Willows and Snake and Lizard.

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