La Boca Loca: Mexican Cooking for NZers rev ed


La Boca Loca: Mexican Cooking for NZers rev ed

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Title: La Boca Loca: Mexican Cooking for NZers rev ed

Lucas Putnam and Marianne Elliott opened their Mexican restaurant, La Boca Loca in April 2011, with a clear goal: to bring the freshest flavours of Mexico to Wellington using fresh and locally available ingredients. Their customers loved the taste of their freshly prepared Mexican food and many wanted to learn to make it themselves at home, so this book makes it possible to recreate and share the taste of Lucas¿s childhood. While there are plenty of fabulous Mexican cookbooks already available, they are often published overseas and in New Zealand we don¿t have the same access to all the required ingredients. In La Boca Loca at Home, Lucas and Marianne have included a guide to the essentials of your Mexican pantry, and where you can source them in New Zealand. There is also a section on the basics of Mexican cooking so you¿ll soon feel confident handling chillies, preparing masa, pressing tortillas and making fresh and cooked salsas. Once you¿ve mastered these core skills there is no end to the variations you can create. La Boca Loca at Home includes a collection of the most popular dishes from their restaurant menu over the past four years, along with some of their personal favourites. You¿ll be amazed how easy it can be to make delicious, fresh Mexican food and inspired to create your own dishes, using the flavours you¿ve enjoyed at La Boca Loca at home.

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