Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays


Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays

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ISBN: 9781991033604
Title: Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays

The Pacific’s ‘Indigenous times’ are not just smaller sections of larger histories, but dimensions of their own.

Histories of our Pacific world are richly rendered in these essays by Damon Salesa. From the first Indigenous civilisations that flourished in Oceania to the colonial encounters of the nineteenth century, and on to the complex contemporary relationships between New Zealand and the Pacific, Salesa offers new perspectives on this vast ocean – its people, its cultures, its pasts and its future.

Spanning a wide range of topics, from race and migration to Pacific studies and empire, these essays demonstrate Salesa’s remarkable scholarship. Bridging the gap between academic disciplines and cultural traditions, Salesa locates Pacific peoples always at the centre of their stories. An Indigenous Ocean is a pivotal contribution to understanding the history and culture of Oceania.

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