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ISBN: 9780143776895
Title: Fish

Another powerful, innovative and unique novel from the extraordinary author of the Man-Booker shortlisted Mr Pip.

Then she lifts the Fish up from the basinet and holds him out to me.

'Go on, take him.' And to the Fish she says, 'This is your uncle.'

It is a bit like catching a hastily thrown ball. She lets go before I am ready. But I manage to clap my hands either side of the fish bundle. I know I am supposed to hold the Fish tight. Maybe rub my cheek against his. But I feel like I am holding an expensive glass. Once you're told not to drop it, all you can think of is the glass shattering across the floor.

When his troubled sister's baby is born, in a shabby caravan at a remote beach park, he is not like other babies. Not the kind of baby anyone expected- startling in his otherness. But one the family will try to protect and love and accept.

The Fish is central in the life of the young narrator as he tries to make sense of his family and its confusing secrets and shame, and to find his own way in the world.

Lloyd Jones brings his unique lyrical style to this mesmerising and tender story of family bonds, both strained and strengthened by tragedy.

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