Final Curtain #4 Kyoichiro Kaga


Final Curtain #4 Kyoichiro Kaga

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Title: Final Curtain #4 Kyoichiro Kaga

The Final Curtain brings the story of Detective Kaga to a surprising conclusion in a series of rich, surprising twists.

A decade ago, Tokyo Police Detective Kyoichiro Kaga went to collect the ashes of his recently deceased mother. Years before, she ran away from her husband and son without explanation or any further contact, only to die alone in an apartment far away, leaving her estranged son with many unanswered questions. Now in Tokyo, Michiko Oshitani is found dead many miles from home, strangled to death, left in the bare apartment rented under a false name by a man who has disappeared without a trace; another homeless man has been discovered dead. As Kaga is drawn into the case of the two murders he will slowly discover how they are connected - to each other, and to the mystery of his mother.

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