End of the Game


End of the Game

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Title: End of the Game

'SUPERB' TELEGRAPH'YOU EITHER GOT IT OR YOU DON'T ... WATT ABSOLUTELY HAS' THE TIMES THRILLER OF THE MONTH'THE FINAL CHASE SCENE ... IS ONE OF THE BEST I'VE READ' OBSERVER THRILLER OF THE MONTH_______________Only a journalist goes where even the police fear to tread...Casey Benedict is the globe-trotting star reporter at London paper The Post, is tenacious, fearless, inventive - and still in recovery after her last major story jeopardised her life, and all of those close to her.Invited to spend the day at the races, she sees a man being hunted across the racecourse. A horrified Casey intervenes to save his life - and in doing so finds herself face to face with her next major investigation. From London to Budapest, from snowy mountain retreats to glitzy Mediterranean coastal resorts, Casey is on a desperate hunt to find the person behind the shadowy organisations responsible and expose them to the public before anyone else's lives are lost._______________READERS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE END OF THE GAME:'Her best yet' 'Really has it all, outstanding characters and great suspense' 'Fascinating and exciting'

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