End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)


End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)

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ISBN: 9780141989587
Title: End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)

An acclaimed theoretical astrophysicist explores the end of the Universe. When will it take place? How is it likely to happen? How do scientists know?

You're going to die. The Earth will, one day, be toast. So too, our Sun will eventually shine its last. But what's next?The End of Everything is a unique exploration of the destruction of the cosmos. Drawing on cutting edge technology and theory, as well as hot-off-the-presses results from the most powerful telescopes and particle colliders, astrophysicist Katie Mack describes how small tweaks to our incomplete understanding of reality can result in starkly different futures. Our universe could collapse in upon itself, or rip itself apart, or even - in the next five minutes - succumb to an inescapable expanding bubble of doom.This fascinating, witty story of cosmic escapism examines a beautiful but unfamiliar physics landscape while sharing the excitement a leading astrophysicist feels when thinking about the universe and our place in it. Amid stellar explosions and bouncing universes, Mack shows that even though we puny humans have no chance of changing how it all ends, we can at least begin to understand it.

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