Embroidery Learn in a Weekend


Embroidery Learn in a Weekend

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ISBN: 9781837760190
Title: Embroidery Learn in a Weekend

An easy way to get into this popular craft, with instructions, templates and contemporary projects that will soon get you going.

The traditional craft of embroidery has gained a new excitement as a new generation of stitchers bring contemporary style to subjects like houseplants and modern interiors. This smart little book, written with beginners in mind, perfectly captures that aesthetic and gives you the skills you need to succeed.

Embroidery covers the materials you need to get going, simple introductions to the key stitches, and ten contemporary projects that evolve in complexity. Each project has a template to be copied, enabling the reader to get started straight away and achieve great results in a short time. Brand-new step-by-step photography makes the whole process easy: and after only a couple of happy days with your needle and thread, you'll find that you're making designs to be proud of. Sew Botanical's Etsy store, where Alisha and Roisin's kits are available, carries hundreds of rave reviews for their designs, and has an average rating higher than 4.8*

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