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Dinner Table: Over 100 Writers on Food


Dinner Table: Over 100 Writers on Food

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ISBN: 9781804547373
Title: Dinner Table: Over 100 Writers on Food

A deliciously moreish collection of the 100 finest pieces of writing on food, glorious food. In this big, beautiful anthology, award-winning writers Kate Young and Ella Risbridger present you with their ultimate fantasy dinner party. Here you'll find authors, cooks and poets from Laurie Colwin, Salman Rushdie and Jack Underwood, to Rachel Roddy, Audre Lorde and Nigella Lawson. The individual pieces in this book each have something to say to their neighbours on either side; just like a real-life dinner party, the collection is designed to flow from one topic to the next. You'll find old friends as well as new, discussing eggs, bread, fridge-raid suppers, wedding feasts and much, much more. With pieces taken from newsletters, food magazines, cookbooks and novels, you can dip in and out of The Dinner Table, read one piece or twenty, start where you like and end where you like - though you might not be able to put it down...

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