Bird Child & Other Stories


Bird Child & Other Stories

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ISBN: 9781776950546
Title: Bird Child & Other Stories

Bringing together new, related and previously uncollected stories, this latest work shows an author as adept and stimulating as ever.

The book is divided into three parts- insightful reworkings of Maori mythology; a return to the vivid character of the little girl Mereana; and contemporary stories that look at the challenges of relationships faced by a range of Maori characters in their day-to-day lives.

\"Grace's stories make a shining and enduring place formed of the brilliant weave of Maori oral storytelling and contained within the shape of contemporary Western forms. We are welcomed in, and when we get up to leave, we have been well fed, we have made friends and family, and we are bound to understanding and knowledge of one another.\" - Joy Harjo

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