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Ballet Confidential: A Personal Behind-the-Scenes Guide


Ballet Confidential: A Personal Behind-the-Scenes Guide

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ISBN: 9781760763251
Title: Ballet Confidential: A Personal Behind-the-Scenes Guide

Beyond the formidable combination of tulle and lycra, how much can an audience ever truly understand about the demands of being a ballet dancer? What really is the pain and pleasure of pointe shoes and jockstraps? Can a wardrobe malfunction derail a scene? What happens when injury sidelines a principal dancer mid-show?

Here is your tell-all guide, an all-access pass for ballet lovers and the ballet-curious by internationally acclaimed dancer and former artistic director of The Australian Ballet, David McAllister.

From toe acting, to the perils of partnering and onstage/offstage romances, David answers in intimate detail everything you have ever wanted to know about ballet but were too afraid to ask.

'One of the most celebrated artists of our time lifts the curtain on ballet's intoxicating pursuit of perfection. What a brilliant book! Filled with insider knowledge for the ballet lover or the newcomer, you will be whipping through the pages wanting to hear more of David's wisdom and humour behind bringing the art of ballet to life.' - Sarah Murdoch

'Nijinsky did WHAT with a scarf? Who dared call Anna Pavlova 'the broom'? Dancers stuff Chux Superwipes WHERE? For those of us who love the ballet but are too scared to ask the silly questions - David is our friend. Let him take you behind the velvet scrim for a pas de deus into ballet paradise.' - Catriona Rowntree

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